How You Can Help!

YES! I want to help Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society!!

Let me ask you one question, who will take care of your families monuments once there are no  living family left?

The cemetery would, right? Wrong! When a plot is purchased at Evergreen Cemetery all that is included in the purchase is the space itself and the perpetual care of the grounds covering that space. This means they will water, cut and trim the grass. If a grave collapses they may fill in the hole if they deem it a safety hazard but that is all. Now you are wondering, “What about the monument?” Well, the cemetery has NO responsibility towards the maintenance or repair of a headstone. But, if it becomes a safety or mowing hazard, they will remove the headstone, and without notifying anyone about it. One day the stone will just, disappear.

This is where Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society steps in!

ECBS is a group of volunteers that are dedicated to the protection, restoration and preservation of all monuments and standing structures in the cemetery. We realize that this cemetery is our heritage and the heritage of our city and once it’s lost, it’s lost forever!

Can you help? YES! You can become a member of the Society! Your membership includes 1 or more free admissions to a paid ECBS event and your money goes directly to restoring and preserving the past.

You can volunteer! Once or twice a year you can come out to the cemetery and meet with other volunteers to provide service to projects that will keep the cemetery looking good for decades to come. 

You can learn from trained expert volunteers the skills and techniques required to restore and reset a headstone.

You can attend an event! ECBS provides a program of walking tours, storyboard presentations,  historical re-enactors and speakers year round to enlighten and educate the public of the history of the cemetery and it’s residents.

You can donate! As always the society will accept your cash donations. Evergreen Cemetery Benevolent Society is a 501c3 nonprofit partner with Evergreen Cemetery and as such, your donations are completely tax deductible.

Join us in keeping history alive through our historic presentations, projects and preservation efforts.

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